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Christalene Karaiskakis is a multi-faceted Visual Artist born in South Africa, raised in Melbourne, Australia, and is Greek Cypriot.  Through her worldly travels, she has evolved into a passionate and intuitive artist. Her visions, feelings, experiences, as well as the artistry of the indigenous people of Australia greatly influence her works.

In addition to canvas, Christalene is also known for transforming the human body into works of art, as      exemplified by her body painting exhibition for the    American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM). Christalene
Karaiskakis is also the proud creator and owner of Crystalooneys Creative Arts and is currently living in Annapolis, Maryland with her wonderful husband and two adorable children.

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Personal snapshots of Christalene Karaiskakis, (owner and creative director of Crystalooneys), and her family.
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