Christalene Karaiskakis owner of Crystalooneys Creative Arts, is a Visionary Intuitive and multi-faceted visual artist currently based in Annapolis, Maryland. Christalene was born in South Africa, raised in Melbourne Australia, and is Greek Cypriot.

Throughout her worldly travels, she has evolved into a passionate and intuitive artist. Her visions, feelings and experiences translate into her artistry- whether on the human body, a piece of canvas, or in a spiritual guidance session.

There are several divine talents that combine to create the magic of Crystalooneys Creative Arts. One source of fun and magic is presented to the world through children’s entertainment. The Crystalooneys crew offers services that bring smiles, laughter and fun to every get-together with a range of activities such as face and body painting, henna, and Australian themed hybrid comedy/magic shows that are delightful for schools, parties or company picnics.

Another facet of Christalene’s work focuses on using art, vision and insight to assist the community with spiritual healing, guidance and self-care. Christalene works with classes, seminars and individuals to help make the world outside feel less hostile and more balanced. She also gives motivational speeches at schools, hospitals and corporate events.

For five years, Christalene donated her time and love to the beautiful folks at the Wellness House of Annapolis– an organization who’s challenging mission is to help those who are living with cancer. Christalene gave them gifts of body art and therapeutic art and she cherishes the time she spent there.

That wasn’t the only time Christalene was able to use her gifts to help ease the end of life transition. She was called in to the Hospice of the Chesapeake to the bedside of an incredible young man named Emerson. He had been placed on a difficult road, but was brave right up until the end and Christalene was able to use her Reiki gifts to ease his pain.

Christalene is also the founder of the Affirmation Board- Cape St. Clare, a project she created that seeks to provide safety through increased awareness. You can check it out for yourself here or the Facebook group here
Because of the Affirmation Board project, Christalene has gone on to create a variety of individual affirmations for everyday living in the form of lunchbox cards, lovers cards, and a line of Affirmations for the Soul. She also produces her own line of coloring books based off of her henna artwork. All of her items can be purchased at her webstore HERE

Whether you are seeking a lighthearted and fun experience or something more spiritual and intuitive, Christalene and the Crystalooneys Creative Arts crew are here to sprinkle a little bit of magic into everything you do.



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