Christalene’s Henna Coloring Book


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Christalene’s original henna designs, Volume I. Great for coloring, henna templates and inspiration for all ages. Be prepared to quiet your mind and stimulate your creativity. Relax and breathe!


Product Detail:

Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Number of Pages: 14

More About Christalene:

Christalene Karaiskakis is a Visionary intuitive and a multi-faceted Visual Artist who was born in South Africa, raised in Melbourne Australia, and is Greek Cypriot. Christalene is currently living in Annapolis Maryland with her hubby and two children!

Through her worldly travels,  she has evolved into a passionate intuitive artist also known worldwide for her business, Crystalooneys Creative Arts,  and for her inspiring board, The Affirmation Board-Cape St Claire.


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